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Color Services

We believe that color has to be completely customized on each guests skin tone, natural color, maintenance level and lifestyle choices. All of our color services begin with a consultation and custom formulation.


All color services include an after-color hair treatment. 

An extra color product charge may apply for clients with long or thick hair or when multiple colors are used. 

All color services must be paired with a  haircut or add-on styling services.

Add-on Haircut $ Blow dry      $52 
Base Color Root Touch Up      $66 +

This is for guests who have been covering grey or coloring their hair roots to end and have less than 1,5"/3cm of outgrowth at their root.

Fresh All-Over Hair Color        $80 +

This is for guests who have been coloring their hair or covering grey and have more than 2"/5cm outgrowth their rout or haven't colored their hair in 3+ months.


Regrowth and lowlights         $80 +

This is for guests who want their regrowth touched up and like some more dimension on the lengths and ends.

Color Corrections                 $130 +

This is for guests who are unsatisfied with their hair color overall due to at-home color results, poor formulation from another salon or when a dramatic color change is needed. A color consultation needs to be booked in advance to assess your needs; after that appointment we'll book your color correction.


Color Services


Highlights & Balayage

Femke & Mandy
Add-on Haircut $ Blow dry      $52 +
1/4 head of highlights              $80+

This is for guests who like a little bit of blond showing and want to keep dimension.

1/2 head of highlights               $120+

This is for guests who like to be quite blond but prefer to have some depth where it naturally lives.


Full highlight                             $145+

This is for guests who like to be really blond. Using foils we'll add highlights through the whole hair. 

Balayage                                   $145+

This is for guests who would like lots of dimension throughout the hair and love a subtle grow out. It looks like your blond was made naturally by the sun.

Glossing (add-on)                     $28+   

A glossing is used to give your hair a beautiful tone, gives immense shine and closes the cuticle.


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