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Invisible Bead Extensions

long hair

Typically formed into 1-3 rows of hair, Invisible Bead Extension (IBE) are applied by installing a row of beads and stitching hand-tied wefts onto those anchor points.

The rows of Invisible Bead Extensions wear around the entire head increasing volume and lengths, while the beads remain unseen. With IBE you can have the hair of your dreams in a matter of hours and add confidence that will last a lifetime!

IBE is the #1 requested hand-tied extension method because of the emphasis it puts on the health of a client's natural hair and scalp.​

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Adhesive Free  | Bond Free |  Braid Free  |  Chemical Free  |  Tension Free

Why did we choose Invisible Bead Extensions®?

Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE) is a method created by @hair.extension.queen Mckenzie Turley. These extensions are like no other, as they are completely seamless from the top and bottom of the weft, so you will have no beads showing! These are very flexible and great even for finer hair as they have a more secure track with minimal tension on the hair. Hair is custom colored and blended with your own.


1-2 rows can be added for fullness or fullness and length. IBE is able to achieve a more comfortable, flexible and versatile experience without the damage done by many others methods.

Q & A

What is the cost of IBE?

Pricing will vary depending on each client's needs, current hair and desired result.

To add volume and fullness (1 row), pricing starts at $535.

To add length (2 rows), pricing starts at $1035

Starting prices include the cost of hair and install.

Move-up prices are $110  for 1 row, $180 for 2 rows.

All packages include the hair needed to complete the look that you are going for, as well as a hair cut, color melt and gloss to seamlessly melt the extensions into your natural hair.

We want you to feel confident heading out in the world with your new hair so  we send you off with a Gift Set to make sure you have all the goodies to make that happen!

Is it real human hair?

ABSOLUTELY! We choose to use only the highest quality hair for all our extension clients to protect your investment. Wash, dry, curl and style your hair as you normally would. And the best part? Most clients end up spending less time on their hair. 

How long do Invisible Bead Extensions last?

Invisible Bead Extensions are secured to your natural hair and will need to be moved up every 8-10 weeks as your hair grows. 

The longevity of the hair itself really heavily depends on the wearer to care for them. When you take excellent care of your extensions, the hair may last up to 9-14 months. At your initial install we fully cover how to care for them and send you home with digital care info so you always have a handy reminder at all times!

How do you care for your Invisible Bead Extensions?

At the end of your appointment, we will walk through how to brush, wash, and care for your extensions to get the longest life out of them! By the end of your appointment you will feel more than confident you have all the tools you need. 

You can also find that information HERE.

Do Hand-Tied Extensions hurt?

​Proper technique is critical to a pain-free installation and comfortable 7-9 week grow-out. You might have experience pain from other  extensions in the past, but no more with IBE! This method ensures that from day 1 your extensions will be comfortable.

Can I wear my hair up with these extensions?

Yes! You can style your hair pretty much any way you want to with these extensions and they can be perfectly concealed! Because of the unique installation method and the extra effort we put into custom coloring your extension hair to blend perfectly with your natural hair, no one will ever know you have them (unless you want them to)!

Can I go swimming with my extensions in?

Yes, you can! I suggest putting getting it damp with tap water and applying a spray in leave in conditioner, then putting it into a snug braid before getting into the ocean or pool. Always wash/condition it as soon as you are done to make sure the salt or chlorine is removed and doesn’t dry out your hair. I recommend using your hair mask after swimming to add back in hydration.  You will want to keep all chemical based sunscreen off of extensions, especially blonde ones as there are instances where they can turn peach from the chemicals (avobenzone/oxybenzone). I suggest using a mineral sunscreen, as they do not have these ingredients in them. Bare Republic is a great one!

I have short hair, Can I get extensions? 

Your hair must be at least shoulder length, with your layers being at least down to your chin for longer extensions to ensure that they look natural! I can better help you with this by you filling out the application if you aren’t sure if you are a candidate!


I want Invisible Beads Extension! What is the next step?

Please fill in the extension consultation form HERE and send it to me. I will contact you and set up a consultation appointment where we walk through your expectations and answer all the questions that you have. We will choose a hair length and hair color for you. Then we will set up the appointment to install your new hair. 

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